Three-Year Strategic Roadmap

For Parish Review

Version 5 (11.7.19)



To be a growing, faith-sustaining community that shares the love of Christ Jesus with the world.



To create a dynamic ministry structure that nurtures spirituality, builds relationships with one another and the Divine, and spreads the love of Christ through Worship, Service, Formation and Outreach.


As an Episcopal community we value: 

LOVE – The self-giving love modeled by Jesus Christ

WISDOM – The insightfulness that comes with aging

CHILDREN – Seeing God through the eyes of our youth

THE OTHER – Anyone who is on the margin

PRAYER – The compass of our communal life

DIVERSITY – Differences which we intentionally embrace

THE BIBLE – God’s story as we welcome HIM to shape our own

SERVICE – Putting others first

DOUBT – Questioning because it leads to healthy spirituality

CREATION – Good stewardship of our God-given world


What Makes St. Mark’s Unique?


Our Location:

  • Located on a beautiful island; a sought-after vacation spot

  • Positioned on a prime corner of the city with up to 16,000 cars passing by daily


Our Population:

  • Marco Island boasts a seasonal population that increases from 17,000+ to 50,000+ during in the winter months (November-March)

  • Church programming, activities and fundraising must be planned for the season as church numbers swell

  • Seasonal parishioners often support other churches elsewhere and this impacts annual giving to the church

  • Parishioners are given the authority and responsibility to carry out their ministries

  • St. Mark’s is distinctly social with frequent opportunities for members and visitors to get together for fellowship

  • There is a large growing community off the island and within a twenty-minute drive to the Church


Our Unique Approach to Worship, Visitors and Children:

  • We embrace traditional, contemporary and choral worship services

  • We go out of our way to welcome families with young children and want children to be with us during worship

  • We encourage youth to participate in all services and parish activities

  • We welcome ALL

  • We house a very successful preschool program which invites preschool families to worship and participate in all the activities of the Parish

  • We strive for love, friendship and peace in all that we do


High Level Objectives for 2019


Recruit and hire a Director of Family Ministries (Complete)

        Leader in Charge: Rev. Jessica Babcock

Develop a music program to include VPK, choirs and concerts (Underway)

        Leader in Charge: Helga Bartus, Organist

Implement critical office structure and systems (Underway)

        Leader in Charge: Rev. Rev. Jessica Babcock

Provide a program of varied and inspired worship (Underway)

        Leader in Charge: Rev. Jessica Babcock and Music Program Leaders

Establish meaningful Christian formation programs for children (Godz Kids) and adults (Underway)

        Leader in Charge: Rev. Rev. Jessica Babcock and John Cleveland

Re-establish youth group (Complete)

        Leader in Charge: John Cleveland

Plan new hands-on outreach and service projects for all levels of parishioners (Underway)

        Leader in Charge: Kathy Schillreff and Wendy Happney

Test new fundraising approach to fund Outreach (Underway: Food Truck Friday)

        Leader in Charge: Wendy Happney

Prepare safety and disaster plan

        Leader in Charge: Brian Moe

Replenish Capital Improvement Reserve Fund and policies to govern it. (Sale of Lot on Bluebird is Complete, Reserve Policy under review)

        Leader in Charge: Doug Eichten and Paul Tateo

Re-imagine Summer Camp for 2020 to replace Camp Able (Underway)
        Leader in Charge: Gary Landis, Kathy Schillreff, Rev. Jessica Babcock



High Level Objectives for 2020

Develop a plan and begin to invite more individuals and families to visit St. Mark’s and consider joining the Congregation

        Leader in Charge: To be determined

Develop strategies and a plan for St. Mark’s to better serve our year-round community from April through October

        Leader in Charge: To be determined

Build a dynamic, innovative, inclusive family ministry

        Leader in Charge: John Cleveland

Develop additional offerings for Pastoral Care (i.e. Grief Support)

        Leader in Charge: Rev. Jessica Babcock and Elaine Cole

Initiate full safety/disaster plan

        Leader in Charge: Vestry leaders

Establish on-going facility maintenance schedule

        Leader in Charge: Junior Warden

Study need for and feasibility of capital campaign

        Leader in Charge: Rev. Jessica Babcock and Vestry

Add significantly to our Outreach and Service Programs

        Leader in Charge: Kathy Schillreff and Wendy Happney

Add new Outreach fundraising program

        Leader in Charge: Wendy Happney

Experiment with new approaches to worship

  • Lay Reader Ministry (Youth and Adult) - recruit and train

  • Youth Acolyte Corps - recruit and train

  • Adult Altar Servers Ministry - recruit and train

        Leader in Charge: Rev. Jessica Babcock

Plan and initiate New Member/Newcomer Welcome program

        Leader in Charge: To be determined

Review governance policies and procedures

        Leader in Charge: Senior Warden

Initiate Mutual Ministry Review

        Leader in Charge: Doug Eichten


High Level Objective for 2021

If warranted, begin next steps for Capital Campaign

        Leader in Charge: Rev. Jessica Babcock and Vestry leaders


Measuring Progress

What will we measure at the start of this plan and for the three years following?


  • Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) by week compared to the previous year

  • Weekly number of volunteers participating in the Youth Band and Adult Choir

  • Weekly number of parishioners participating as altar servers, ushers, greeters, and Altar Guild


  • Weekly number of social events/meals and number of volunteers participating

  • Weekly number of pastoral care interventions (calls, visits, Eucharistic Visitors, meals)

  • Weekly number of volunteers involved in improving the landscaping

  • Weekly number of ECW activities and volunteers participating

  • Weekly number of Brotherhood activities and volunteers participating



  • Weekly number of active programs

  • Weekly number of volunteers participating


Adult Christian Formation

  • Weekly number of classes

  • Weekly number of participants


Family Ministries

  • Weekly number of events and classes

  • Weekly number of youth and children participating

  • Number of volunteer teachers


Financial Support

  • Weekly plate contributions, number and amount

  • Number of biannual pledges

  • Number of new pledges

  • Number of increased pledges

  • Number of family units


Visitor and Member Growth

  • Weekly number of visitors who make themselves known (cards/clergy)

  • Weekly number of individuals wanting to become members (Office)




After three months of measuring the above to establish a benchmark, annual goals will be set for each category. Goal setting is currently anticipated for the first week of January 2020. Success will be determined by reaching those goals each year.


Next Steps

  • Approval by Strategic Planning Committee 9/18/19

  • Endorsed by the Vestry on 9/19/19

  • Disseminate to the parish for feedback:

    • Letter email to Parish containing the Strategic Roadmap (November)

    • Special email address for collecting feedback (

    • Sunday gathering of feedback cards in Parish Hall

  • Final Roadmap published to website in early December



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